Apologies For The Site Downtime - But We're Back Now!

As you may have noticed, MotoMatters.com was offline yesterday for quite a long time. The problem lay not with our hosting company, but with the data center where our hosting company houses the servers we rent from them. A fault in the power supply infrastructure meant that the building where our servers are housed went down completely.

The situation has now been rectified and we are up and running again. I am very sorry for being offline for such a long time (over half a day), but this was an unforeseen situation, and the infrastructure to protect against such a freak event is so costly that the expense is hard to justify. That is a decision that means that you, our readers, suffer, and for this, you have my sincere apologies. If you'd like to support the site and allow us to make that kind of investment, then consider taking out a subscription.

The good news is that it happened on Wednesday, rather than on Sunday. And the even better news is that we have a lot to look forward to this weekend! So again, our apologies for the outage, and we hope our coverage of the event (I am reporting live from Brno this weekend) makes up for the site being offline.

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just.... now the withdrawal shakes have settled.

Oh, and as a subscriber, how do I turn on my 'site Supporter' status? - I am proud to be a supporter...

After all, we're trying to get a critical mass here so commentators take their responsibilities seriously and the great articles and site remains and prospers etc.!

I smashed my PC and threw it remains through the window, but I'm fine now.

I was concerned that the Ducati discussion had melted the circuits ! :-)

Is it more difficult to ride or to discuss why it's difficult to ride ;-)

Glad you're back David, enjoy Bruno !

I got really nervous after I checked the photos of the 'Tech Porn' then a day later I can't access the site. I was like, NOOOO!!! My work saw Tech Porn on my history and now they blocked Motomatters!!! I'm gonna get FIRED!!!!

Now that you've typed the word "Porn" three times on your work computer, you are definitely going to get fired! If you do, I'll write to your boss and explain ...

Yeah, I didn't really consider that either... not too bright on my part. I'll probably have to take you up on that offer now!

Dont know why I didn't see the 'Support Us!' before... But did...

Maybe move it to the left side??