Editor's Blog: Scott Jones Shoots The Fiat Yamaha Team

By the time you read this, I will probably be in transit, flying back home from Qatar, and trying to shift my sleep schedule back to some semblance of normality. Most of all, I will be looking back on an amazing weekend spent in Qatar, thanks to the generosity of the Fiat Yamaha team, and most particularly, their sponsor Fiat. So as a way of expressing my gratitude to them, here's a collection of photos of the Fiat Yamaha Team in action. You as a reader won't be disappointed, though, as all - with the exception of the out-of-focus last shot - come from the lens of Scott Jones, MotoMatters.com friend, photographer, and stellar talent. All of the photos that have appeared on MotoMatters.com from Qatar are available for purchase as large prints from Scott at Turn2Photography.com. You should also check his personal photography blog at scottjones.net.

@lorenzo99 gets all 2.0 on MotoGP

Ready to go


Out of his hands now

Le Grand Depart

Valentino Rossi goes through his rituals

10 years of dominance in MotoGP explained: JB and VR

Jorge Lorenzo had an astounding race at Qatar, barging his way to 2nd in the race

A successful weekend for Fiat - their logo splashed all over the front pages of Spanish and Italian newspapers, plus images around the world

Fans - pure passion: "Vale is our reason to live"

This, and all of my other posts, were brought to you by the Fiat 500.

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I like how "Scott" was worked into the last image. Very clever!

Thanks for the incredible images--hats off to Mr. Jones. After reading the archives on his site, he has worked his arse off to be able to bring not just really great photos but the experience of working as a moto photog in the trenches.

Great Pics. However, am I the only one missing the race report...has the site become a bit more difficult to navigate? or am I not looking at the right place?

You're not looking in the right place. But that's understandable, as the right place is currently my computer. Traveling between the races makes it a good deal more difficult to find the time to write the race reports, and I'm currently about a quarter of the way through the Qatar report. I hope to have it done this weekend. And I'm working on ways to write them more quickly, which will inevitably mean making the much shorter and less detailed. Hope you don't mind the delay!

Sure...we can wait...a little. The site is great, however the coolest bit is/was the race report. To a lot of people including myself the report is an exciting 'event after the event'. keep em coming.