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SofaRacer Speaks - An Open Letter To Michael Laverty

Dear Michael Laverty,

You are a thief.

In 2013, riding an Aprilia powered PBM CRT bike you will compete in the 18 round MotoGP world championship. Between the months of April and November you will travel the globe, racing against the best of the best on some of the most iconic circuits in the world.

You have stolen my dream. How very dare you.

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SofaRacer Speaks - Of Homer’s Odyssey, Donald Rumsfeld and Valentino Rossi

The Losail Circuit in Qatar is the largest floodlit sporting venue on the planet. The lighting system includes over 1000 structures, 3 million kilos of concrete, and 500 kilometres of wire. The system would power 3000 homes. Three and a half thousand separate light sources produce 450 million lumens of light. On Sunday the 7th of April, those 450 million lumens will bathe one man. Valentino Rossi.

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