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March 19th, 2015

What Kind Of Track Is The Chang Circuit In Thailand? Watch The ARRC 600cc Race And Judge For Yourself

The Chang International Circuit is an unknown for everyone in World Superbikes this weekend. A new track in a new country represents many challenges for the teams and the riders, as they try to figure the fastest way around it. It is an unknown for fans, too, most of them only having seen the track layout map on the World Superbike website.

Fortunately, racing has already taken place at the Chang circuit. The Asian Road Racing Championship held a round at the track in November 2014, which included two races from the Supersport 600 class. On its Youtube channel, it also has the full races from every round of the series, including the races at Chang. 

January 2nd

Suzuki MotoGP Video: Preparing For 2015

To kick off the first year of their return to MotoGP, Suzuki have released a video documenting the latest steps on their way back to the premier class. The video offers a fascinating view into the process of getting ready for 2015: it shows testing going on in the wind tunnel and on the dyno, covers Randy De Puniet's wildcard appearance at Valencia, and then the first ride of the 2015 factory pairing of Aleix Espargaro and Maverick Viñales. 

Lasting 7 minutes, it offers a few interesting glances of things fans do not often get to see, such as footage of the work going on in the wind tunnel, and the collaboration between test riders and engineers. Most interesting of all are the first reactions of Espargaro and Viñales once they get off the bike after riding it for the first time. As a MotoGP rookie, Viñales' first reaction is one of pure pleasure at riding a bike with so much power. For the more experienced Espargaro, it is not about what is right with the bike, but what is wrong, and where it needs improvement. It is a peek into the life of a professional motorcycle racer, and how they approach their sport.

October 12th, 2014

Repsol Press Release Video: The Career Of A Four-Time World Champion

The Repsol Media Service put together the following video and press release celebrating Marc Marquez wrapping up his fourth world championship, and second title in MotoGP:

The career of a four-time World Champion

A look back, with pictures and audio, at Marc Marquez’ evolution in the World Championship, from his debut in 2008 to the 2014 season.

It has been 7 seasons since a very young Marc Marquez, aged just 15, took his first steps in the World Championship in 2008 with the backing of Repsol. It has been enough time for the Repsol Honda rider to amaze with numerous milestones, accumulating 4 World Championships ‒1 in 125cc (2010), 1 in Moto2 (2012) and 2 in MotoGP (2013 and 2014)‒ in the last 5 years and achieving unprecedented accolades for someone so young.

Aspar MotoGP Team Video: Nicky Hayden On The Open Honda, Testing, And Making Progress

The Drive M7 Aspar Team have released a video with Nicky Hayden, in which he looks back at preseason testing and ahead to the 2014 MotoGP season. In the video, Hayden talks about the progress being made during testing, the strengths of the Honda RCV1000R, as well as its weaknesses, his objectives for 2014, and what he expects for this season. 

February 10th

Pata Honda Video: The Pata Honda Look Forward To The 2014 Season

With the start of the 2014 World Superbike season less that two weeks away, teams are gearing up for their campaigns. As part of their preparations, Pata Honda team today released a video showing their progress on the way to the new season. Team boss Ronald ten Kate, World Superbike riders Jonathan Rea and Leon Haslam, and World Supersport riders Michael van der Mark and Lorenzo Zanetti all feature in the video, discussing what has changed over the winter, and what they expect of 2014. The video appears below:

January 11th

Suzuki MotoGP Video Series, Part 4: More Testing, And Adapting To The Electronics

In the final episode of Suzuki's four-part video series chronicling the Japanese factory's progress towards their MotoGP return in 2015, attention turns to the final test at Misano, and progress with the spec Magneti Marelli ECU. While the test team continue to use the Mitsubishi system at the race track, back in Japan, work is going on to reproduce the functionality in the Marelli ECU. The video addressess some of the challenges they face along the way.

Below is the final video in Suzuki's series:

January 7th

Suzuki MotoGP Video Series, Part 3: Going Public With Testing

Suzuki have released the third video in their four-part series, documenting the development of the new machine they are preparing for their reentry into the MotoGP class in 2015. This episode covers the tests at Barcelona and Aragon in June last year, including the public unveiling of the bike, and the impressive lap times set at Barcelona. 

January 4th

Suzuki MotoGP Video Series, Part 2: When Randy Met Davide

Continuing their video series on the progress of their MotoGP project, Suzuki today released the second part of the series. Today's video documents the first tests which Suzuki undertook at Motegi in April and May, after signing Randy de Puniet as test rider and Davide Brivio to manage the program.

The first task De Puniet was set was testing the Suzuki GSV-R 800 bike back-to-back with the new 1000cc bike. De Puniet had previously tested the 800cc bike at Valencia at the end of the 2011 season, before Suzuki decided to pull out of MotoGP temporarily. The two bikes have radically different designs: the 800cc bike had a narrow angle V4 engine layout, while the 1000cc is an inline four with a big bang layout, along the lines of Yamaha's M1. De Puniet's comments on the two machines give an interesting insight into the difference the new regulations have made.

Below is the second video in the series. If you'd like to catch up with the first video, you can see it here.

January 2nd

Suzuki MotoGP Video Series, Part 1: A Sign That Suzuki Is Serious?

When Suzuki decided to move their return to MotoGP back a year, from 2014 to 2015, questions were raised over just how serious they are about actually coming back. The odds appear stacked against them: the bikes were some way off the pace, over 1.8 seconds at Misano; Suzuki is still working with their Mitsubishi electronics unit, not yet having moved to the Magneti Marelli unit which is compulsory from 2014; and coming to MotoGP in 2015 would leave them just two seasons before a new set of regulations is to be introduced, likely to include a rev limit and compulsory spec software. Suzuki face an uphill task.

Despite the challenges, they seem determined to come back to motorcycle racing's premier class. One sign of their intent is the launch of a new four-part video series on the progress made on the MotoGP project, the first video of which was released yesterday. Though the video does not provide a huge amount of detail on their testing program, it does give a nice insight into the reality of testing in motorcycle racing: far away from the glamour of international circuits and thronging fans, a small group of people grind out the miles and spend their time pouring over data looking for improvement.

October 29th, 2013

Yamaha Video: Kazutoshi Seki, The Man Behind Valentino Rossi's Electronics

The role that electronics plays in MotoGP cannot be underestimated. Every aspect of bike performance depends on how well the the systems monitoring the bikes read the data, interpret it and then modulate the power as it is applied to the road through the rear tire. Despite their performance, the systems which provide that control are kept carefully hidden from the public, and the people behind those systems remain anonymous.

Yamaha has sought to change this, producing a video spotlighting the work of Kazutoshi Seki, the engine control engineer for Valentino Rossi. The two have worked together at Yamaha since 2004, when Rossi first joined the factory, and again since Rossi's return after his two-year hiatus at Ducati. The video provides an insight into the role which Seki plays in helping to set up the bike for Rossi, and puts the passion and commitment the Japanese engineer pours into the sport. Despite being produced by Yamaha's global marketing department, it is a beautifully produced 14-minute portrait of one of the men so crucial to racing at this level. For more background on Seki and Yamaha, see the story behind the video on the Yamaha corporate website.

April 15th

Exploring Austin: An Onboard Lap Of The Track With Dani Pedrosa

With the Grand Prix of the Americas just a few days away, it's time to take a look at the circuit from another perspective. The footage accumulated by the Repsol Honda team during the private test at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin just keeps on coming, the team having worked closely with both the Red Bull Media House and GoPro organizations to provide assistance.

Today's video comes courtesy of the Repsol Media Service, and is an onboard lap of the circuit shot from the perspective of multiple GoPro Hero 3 cameras mounted on the Honda RC213V of Dani Pedrosa. From the footage, it is clear that Pedrosa is pushing on, but he still has the presence of mind of readjust a camera which had slipped during the lap, despite circulating at speeds far beyond the reach of mere mortals. It is a keen illustration of exactly how focused top MotoGP riders are, and how intense their attention to detail.

April 1st

Alpinestars Video: "Ask Me Something: Dani Pedrosa Answers

There has been a veritable bonanza of MotoGP videos this week. Along with the videos Andrew Elder shot during the private test at the new Austin circuit in Texas, clothing manufacturer Alpinestars issued the first of what promises to be a series of videos highlighting some of Alpinestars' top riders. First up is Dani Pedrosa, interviewed by the leathers firm at the private test in Austin, in a series entitled "Ask me something".

Watch the video below:

Video: Jorge Lorenzo Talks About The Austin Private MotoGP Test

Previously, we have posted videos of Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez speaking to the press at the private MotoGP test at Austin. Today, it is the turn of Jorge Lorenzo. Lorenzo, like Rossi and Marquez, speaks of the track, of how he sees it, and of the difficulties competing against the Hondas at the Austin circuit.

To remind you, this is the raw, unedited footage of the interaction between Lorenzo and the media, the debriefs on which the press reports were based on, but it gives an insight into the wit and charm of the Spaniard. This is a sequence of two videos arranged in a Youtube playlist. The second video will play automatically after the first: 

March 31st

Video: Marc Marquez Talks About The Austin Test

A few days ago, we posted video of Valentino Rossi's daily press debriefs during the private test at Austin. Today, it's the turn of Marc Marquez to talk about his experiences. The young Spaniard talks about the Austin track, how the Honda feels at the circuit, and about learning the circuit. Marquez also discusses the changes made during the test, and gives an insight into his development as a rider. 

Once again, this is the raw, unedited footage of the interaction between Marquez and the media, the debriefs on which the press reports were based on. This is a sequence of four videos arranged in a Youtube playlist.

March 29th

Video: Valentino Rossi Talks About The Austin Private MotoGP Test

The private test which Yamaha and Honda held at the Austin circuit in mid-February was an opportunity for the media to provide freer coverage of the event. Free of Dorna's monopoly on video coverage of MotoGP - the test took place privately, outside of the auspices of Dorna, which runs most of the other tests - news organizations (and teams) were able to shoot their own coverage of the event.

Having sent Andrew Elder to the test, also had video footage of the riders. Andrew shot footage of the rider debriefs that take place at the end of every day, which we will be posting up over the next few days (despite being a couple of weeks out of date) in the run up to the season opener at Qatar. This is the raw material on which the journalists from around the world base their reporting of events on.

The first videos are of Valentino Rossi, talking after the first and second days of testing. Rossi talks in detail about the track, and about his expectations of the event at Austin. He also discusses where the Hondas appear to have the advantage over the Yamahas at Austin.