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November 2nd

Australian On A Ducati Wins Championship Shocker

What is it about Australians on Ducatis? The Superstock 1000 FIM Cup race was won this morning by Brendan Roberts, who also clinched the championship with the win.  The Australian, who rides for the Xerox Ducati Junior team, kept his head whilst others were falling about him. The race was led early on by Chris Seaton aboard the Celani Suzuki, but Roberts closed his countryman down, passing him on lap 9 and never relinquishing the lead again.

Roberts had had to contend with Xavier Simeon early on, but the Belgian Alstare Suzuki rider, who was leading the series going into the race at Portimao, crashed on lap 8, and rejoined to finish 11th. Maxime Berger, the Hannspree IDS Ten Kate Honda rider, completed the podium.

Berger finished 2nd in the championship to Roberts, with Alessandro Polita in 3rd.

The day has started well for Australia and for Ducati. Chances of it continuing are very, very good. 

Portimao World Superbikes - Sunday Morning

It's sunny and bright here in the Algarve, and if it wasn't quite so chilly and damp, it would be absolutely beautiful. The good news is, they got the access road from the motorway to the track done yesterday, and the better news is it was filling up nicely as we arrived here. 

The warmup sessions were held on a track that was cold and wet, especially through the scary downhill final turn and along the straight, and times were some 20 seconds off the times set in the dry. Johnny Rea led the way in the Superbikes, ahead of Troy Corser and Cal Crutchlow. Corser seems pretty bent on winning a World Superbike race on the Yamaha before he leaves to join BMW. He has two more chances, and will face the might of Troy Bayliss, who will not want to retire without a fight.

Kenan Soguoglu was quickest during the Supersport warmup, and if you were the betting type, you'd have a sizable sum on the Turk to win the race today. He's looking happy, and more importantly, he's looking fast. Sofuoglu was followed by Gianluca Nannelli and Mathieu Lagrive, who have both been fast in the cold and wet, but not so quick in the dry. The American Josh Hayes was down in 12th.

The Portuguese organizers are putting on a real show here, with a special dance performance featuring some young people prancing around in interestingly metallic costumes. And if that isn't enough, there's the Portuguese Air Force demonstration team flying over before the first World Superbike race. It's a good day to watch some racing.

November 1st

Interview: Barry Veneman, Suzuki World Supersport Rider

With Suzuki focusing its efforts and - at least as importantly - its money on its MotoGP effort, the Hamamatsu factory has neglected the World Supersport series over the last few years. But this does not mean they have had no presence: Dutch tuner Marc Hoegee has fielded a team for the last few years, but short of funds, the team always seemed to be the nearly men, never quite making it on to the podium.

All that changed during the summer, with Barry Veneman getting ever closer to the podium he has been chasing for the past two years. At Magny Cours, he finally made it. We caught up Veneman on Saturday at the final World Supersport round at Portimao in Portugal.

Q: Earlier in the season, you were a team that was hovering on the brink. Then at the last round at Magny Cours, you get a podium. What happened?

BV: Well, it wasn't just at the last round, it had been going on for longer. We got some new parts in the middle of the season, which gave us some more horsepower. Then we also managed to make the bike lighter. And I've changed, I've gotten stronger as a rider. I made a decision to concentrate on my riding a lot more – I have a day job as well as this – and that's made a huge difference. I've been able to train more, and it's also meant I've had a chance to spend some more time with my family.

That's made me feel better on the bike, made me more confident. Before, we always felt like we were capable of getting in the top 10, but today, while I was riding around here, I was thinking to myself "I've got to be able to get a front row here," and I did, I'm in third.

Q: You think you'll be able to get on the podium here?

World Superbikes Portimao - Superpole and Qualifying Results

Superpole was a pretty damp affair, the rain getting worse as the session went on, only to start to clear after the session had ended. The miserable conditions saw several riders crashing, Ruben Xaus the first to go, followed later by Yukio Kagayama and Fonsi Nieto.

Troy Bayliss chose his moment wisely, and will end his career in World Superbikes starting from pole, ahead of two British riders, Cal Crutchlow and Johnny Rea – drawing comments that they must have felt right at home in the rain. Max Biaggi closes out the front row.


1 Troy Bayliss AUS Ducati Xerox 1098 F08 1'58.548
2 Cal Crutchlow GBR HM Plant Honda CBR1000RR 2'01.023
3 Jonathan Rea GBR Hannspree Ten Kate Honda CBR1000RR 2'02.027
4 Max Biaggi ITA Sterilgarda Go Eleven 1098 RS08 2'02.107
5 Michel Fabrizio ITA Ducati Xerox 1098 F08 2'02.779
6 Leon Haslam GBR HM Plant Honda CBR1000RR 2'02.861
7 Troy Corser AUS Yamaha Motor Italia YZF-R1 2'03.014
8 Ruben Xaus ESP Sterilgarda Go Eleven 1098 RS08 2'03.023
9 Regis Laconi FRA PSG-1 Kawasaki Corse ZX-10R 2'03.494
10 Noriyuki Haga JPN Yamaha Motor Italia YZF-R1 2'04.420
11 Carlos Checa ESP Hannspree Ten Kate Honda CBR1000RR 2'04.496
12 Jakub Smrz CZE Guandalini Racing by Grifo's 1098 RS08 2'05.250
13 Yukio Kagayama JPN Alstare Suzuki GSX-R1000 2'05.408
14 Ayrton Badovini ITA Team Pedercini ZX-10R 2'06.354
15 Max Neukirchner GER Alstare Suzuki GSX-R1000 2'06.830
16 Fonsi Nieto ESP Alstare Suzuki GSX-R1000 2'10.953
Out of Superpole
17 Gregorio Lavilla ESP Ventaxia VK Honda CBR1000RR 1'45.334
18 Sebastien Gimbert FRA Yamaha France Ipone GMT 94 YZF-R1 1'45.469
19 Ryuichi Kiyonari JPN Hannspree Ten Kate Honda CBR1000RR 1'45.533
20 Roberto Rolfo ITA Hannspree Honda Althea CBR1000RR 1'45.659
21 Karl Muggeridge AUS D.F. Racing CBR1000RR 1'45.796
22 Shinichi Nakatomi JPN YZF Yamaha YZF-R1 1'45.803
23 David Checa ESP Yamaha France Ipone GMT 94 YZF-R1 1'46.010
24 Shuhei Aoyama JPN Alto Evolution Honda CBR1000RR 1'46.257
25 Tommy Bridewell GBR Team NB Suzuki GSX-R1000 1'46.283
26 Makoto Tamada JPN PSG-1 Kawasaki Corse ZX-10R 1'46.753
27 Vittorio Iannuzzo ITA Team Pedercini ZX-10R 1'47.231
28 Chris Walker GBR Ventaxia VK Honda CBR1000RR 1'47.310
29 Luis Carreira POR Benimoto Suzuki GSX-R1000 K8 1'47.675
30 Luca Scassa ITA D.F. Racing CBR1000RR 1'48.898
31 Christian Zaiser AUT Grillini PBR Team YZF-R1 1'49.239


World Supersport Portimao Qualifying Practice Results

1 Kenan Sofuoglu TUR Hannspree Ten Kate Honda CBR600RR 1'45.156
2 Broc Parkes AUS Yamaha World Supersport YZF-R6 1'45.226
3 Barry Veneman NED RES Software Hoegee Suzuki GSX-R600 1'45.587
4 Andrew Pitt AUS Hannspree Ten Kate Honda CBR600RR 1'45.629
5 Gianluca Nannelli ITA Hannspree Honda Althea Honda CBR600RR 1'45.712
6 Joan Lascorz ESP Glaner Honda CBR600RR 1'45.872
7 Joshua Brookes AUS Hannspree Stiggy Motors Honda CBR600RR 1'45.904
8 Josh Hayes USA Parkalgar Racing Team Honda CBR600RR 1'45.996
9 Matthieu Lagrive FRA Intermoto Czech Honda CBR600RR 1'46.091
10 Gianluca Vizziello ITA Benjan Racing Honda CBR600RR 1'46.092
11 Mark Aitchison AUS Triumph Italia BE1 Racing 675 1'46.149
12 Russell Holland AUS Hannspree Honda Althea CBR600RR 1'46.163
13 Robbin Harms DEN Hannspree Stiggy Motors Honda CBR600RR 1'46.194
14 David Salom ESP Yamaha Spain YZF-R6 1'46.381
15 Simone Sanna ITA Parkalgar Racing TeamHonda CBR600RR 1'46.381
16 Fabien Foret FRA Yamaha World Supersport YZF-R6 1'46.417
17 Didier Van Keymeulen BEL RES Software Hoegee Suzuki GSX-R600 1'46.531
18 Miguel Praia POR Parkalgar Racing Team Honda CBR600RR 1'46.554
19 Massimo Roccoli ITA Yamaha Lorenzini by Leoni YZF - R6 1'46.630
20 Garry McCoy AUS Triumph Italia BE1 Racing 675 1'46.756
21 Ivan Silva ESP Yamaha Spain YZF-R6 1'47.219
22 Balazs Nemeth HUN Factory Racing Honda CBR600RR 1'47.399
23 Jesco Gunther GER Benjan Racing Honda CBR600RR 1'47.442
24 Katsuaki Fujiwara JPN Kawasaki Gil Motor Sport ZX-6R 1'47.517
25 Ivan Clementi ITA Triumph Italia BE1 Racing 675 1'47.994
26 Patrick Vostarek CZE Intermoto Czech Honda CBR600RR 1'48.053
27 Arturo Tizon ESP Suzuki Motorrad GSX-R600 1'48.738
28 Chris Martin GBR Kawasaki Gil Motor Sport ZX-6R 1'48.765
29 Denis Sacchetti ITA Factory Racing Honda CBR600RR 1'48.914
30 Santiago Barragan ESP Glaner Honda CBR600RR 1'49.889
31 Tiago Dias POR BPN Yamaha YZF-R6 1'50.073
32 Helder Silva ESP Helder Team Honda CBR600RR 1'51.687


World Superbikes Portimao - Saturday Afternoon Qualifying

It's Saturday afternoon, and the sun is starting to make way for clouds. For the moment, it's still bright, but there's no guarantee of that lasting. The second session of Supersport practice was run in pleasant, if not exactly warm conditions, and times continued to drop as ever more rubber was laid on the track.

Once again it was Kenan Sofuoglu who dominated the session, quickly dropping into the 1'45s, and setting the mark for pole at 1'45.156 before the session was even halfway done. Many would try, but the closest anyone would get would be Broc Parkes in the dying seconds of the session, getting to within 7/100ths on the Yamaha.

Holland's Barry Veneman will start from 3rd on the grid, the Hoegee Suzuki team having picked up the final couple of tenths they've been missing over the last few rounds. Veneman has Andrew Pitt on the other Ten Kate Honda beside him on the grid, the 2008 World Champion finishing out the front row.

Gianluca Nannelli heads up the second row of the grid on the Althea Honda, with Spanish rider Joan Lascorz dropping to 6th, from 3rd this morning. Josh Brookes will start from 7th, while American Josh Hayes was pushed down to 8th, and the end of the 2nd row. Hayes had started well, but dropped gradually down the order, as the other riders made good their knowledge deficit of the track.

In the afternoon's World Superbike free practice session, Troy Bayliss was out to avenge his indifferent time of this morning, and quickly topped the timesheets, setting his fastest time on his 2nd full lap out of the pits. This time, Bayliss' time was good enough to beat his team mate, Michel Fabrizio setting the 2nd fastest time, making it a Xerox Ducati 1-2. Cal Crutchlow continued his run of strong times, setting the 3rd fastest time, ahead of Noriyuki Haga and Carlos Checa.

World Superbikes Portimao - Saturday Morning Report

We woke up this morning to a surprise: skies were blue, more or less, the sun was out, and the world looked a much more attractive place than it has for the past two days. It's still cold here, but conditions have improved vastly overnight.

Traffic on the way into the circuit was busier than yesterday, unsurprisingly, but they still haven't finished the freeway exit which is supposed to take fans straight from the A22 freeway to the circuit. With today, November 1st, being a national holiday, the chances of it being completed and opened are minimal. If you want to get here on Sunday, leave early.

With the weather now cooperating, the World Supersport session started on time, and Parkalgar Honda's Josh Hayes was quickest for the first half of practice, before Joan Lascorz, Broc Parkes and Kenan Sofuoglu got up to speed.

Once up to speed, Sofuoglu was flying. The young Turkish rider is clearly much more at home back on his Ten Kate Honda, and finished the session on top of the timesheets. Yamaha's Broc Parkes got close, but not close enough, finishing 2nd, ahead of Joan Lascorz and Andrew Pitt. Hayes eventually finished down in 5th.

The second Superbike qualifying session saw the field shook up the same way as Supersport. Where yesterday, Britannia ruled, this morning, they merely made their presence felt, with Cal Crutchlow, Leon Haslam and Johnny Rea all hitting the top 10, rather than the top 5. No surprise to see Troy Corser near the top of the timesheets, as the Australian wants to get a win on a Yamaha before he leaves the team. All the more surprise to see Ducati's Michel Fabrizio ahead of Corser, taking top spot.

And another surprise behind Corser. Fonsi Nieto is still uncertain of his ride for next year, and grabbed some attention with the 3rd fastest time, ahead of Alstare Suzuki team mate Max Neukirchner. Crutchlow, Haslam and Rea were joined on the second row by Kawasaki's Regis Laconi, while the privateer Ducati of Jakub Smrz took 9th ahead of Ruben Xaus' semi-factory Sterilgarda bike. Troy Bayliss, running a special #21 livery on the bike for his final race weekend, could manage only 13th, but looked fast all the way round the track.

The grids for both classes will be settled this afternoon.

October 31st

World Superbikes Portimao - Friday Afternoon Report

The weather continues to confuse and confound expectations here in Portugal, with rain and sunshine alternating almost minute by minute. The track, despite the sunshine, has barely been dry, however. As a consequence, times have been difficult to judge.

The World Supersport qualifying session was a case in point. The American Josh Hayes led for much of the session, having gone out on wet tires, and as a dry line was starting to appear, he pulled in for some intermediates. As he headed out of pit lane to start his next lap, it started to rain, and by the time he was halfway round the track, the dry line was completely gone, and his chance of provisional pole along with it.

In the end, it was the Frenchman Mathieu Lagrive who got it most right, topping the timesheets ahead of Hayes on the Parkalgar Honda, with Joan Lascorz and Gianluca Vizziello rounding out the front row. Kenan Sofuoglu continued to show just how much better he is on a Supersport bike than on a Superbike by setting the 5th fastest time, ahead of Gianluca Nanelli, with the Hoegee Suzukis of Barry Veneman and Didier van Keymeulen rounding out the second row. Jesco Gunther took 9th, while the 2008 World Supersport champion Andrew Pitt was down in 10th.

The disparity in times showed just how difficult the conditions were. Lagrive was 1.4 seconds faster than Hayes, while Hayes was 1.5 ahead of Lascorz. The top 10 are separated by 6.3 seconds.

The weather was slightly better for the World Superbike session, and for a while, it looked like being an all-British front row, with Ten Kate Honda's Johnny Rea, the HM Plant Hondas of Cal Crutchlow and Leon Haslam, and Ventaxia Honda's Chris Walker heading the timesheets. But by the end of the session, it was Troy Corser who took provisional pole, forcing Haslam down into 2nd, with the Ducatis of Michel Fabrizio and Ruben Xaus filling out the front row.

Ronald ten Kate: "Once We Know The Rules, We'll Build A Bike"

When Dorna and the FIM first announced the provisional rules for the new 600cc four-stroke formula to replace the existing 250 class, the first thought that crossed most racing fans' minds was: "Ten Kate". The Dutch team has dominated the World Supersport – the world's premier 600cc four-stroke formula – since 2002, constantly managing to stay at least one step ahead of the competition, despite not enjoying the kind of factory support that other teams have had.
Today at Portimao, Ronald ten Kate confirmed to MotoGPMatters that the team is extremely interested. "It's definitely a class that we think that we should be in," ten Kate said. "We're just waiting for the rules to be announced so we can start building a bike." 
With Moriwaki already having built a prototype, more as an engineering demonstration than as a competitive item, interest is starting to grow in the new class. If Ten Kate do build a bike and enter the class, then they are likely to start the series as the team to beat. With their current record in the World Supersport and World Superbike series, beating Ten Kate is going to be a pretty tall order.


Portimao World Superbikes - Friday Morning Report

Heavy rain overnight on Thursday meant the inaugural day of practice got off to a late start here in Portugal. There are still problems with drainage, and parts of the track were flooded. What was worse was mud on the track, which had to be cleaned off before proceedings could start.

While the track was fixed quickly, facilities around the circuit are a little more problematic, with power being alternated between the pit garages and the hospitality area, the electricity supply blowing fuses with alarming regularity. And because the outside of the track is still basically a construction site, vast quantities of rich brown mud is being tramped everywhere. At least there is an army of cleaners keeping the buildings almost spotless, but they are having to work for their money.

When practice commenced, times dropped rapidly as rubber started to be laid on the brand new surface. During the first free practice session of World Supersport, Joan Lascorz started quickly, before Parkalgar Honda's Josh Hayes took over the top spot. The Mississippian was making good use of the track knowledge acquired here during testing last week, and was getting quicker when he crashed going into turn 1. He ended the session in 5th place. Joan Lascorz took back the top spot while Hayes limped back to the pits with a damaged bike. 

Lascorz finished the session on top, ahead of Matthieu Lagrive, Kenan Sofuoglu, clearly much happier on a Supersport bike than he was on a Superbike, and the Dutch Hoegee Suzuki rider Barry Veneman.

October 29th

Live From Portimao - It's Wednesday And The Roads Aren't Done Yet is in Portimao this weekend, to cover the World Superbikes finale, but mostly, to seize the last chance of seeing Troy Bayliss out on track. This morning, we headed out to find the circuit and give it the once over, and we have to say that it's an impressive facility. 

Look at a track map, and it looks just like another modern go-kart track, a mix between Valencia and Barcelona. Any such notions are completely dispelled once you see the circuit in the flesh, though: the track is stuck against a hillside, with the front straight mostly level, before taking off and snaking over the ridges and mounds of the valley. Walking around the track, I couldn't help but think that the track was like half of Mugello, thanks to the high narrow sections, blind crests and the odd precipitous drop. If the racing is half as good as the track, it should be stupendous.

MotoGP Winter Test Schedule For 125, 250 And MotoGP Classes

The schedule for the official tests has been announced. The MotoGP and smaller classes will test separately. Highlight of the test season is as ever the official IRTA test at Jerez, also known as Grand Prix Zero. Here, a BMW coupe will be up for grabs during a special qualifying session held on the last day.


November 26-27 Jerez Spain  
December 1 - January 20 Winter test ban
February 5-7 Sepang Malaysia  
March 1-3 Losail Qatar Night Test
March 28-29 Jerez Spain Official IRTA Test

125 and 250 class

December 1 - January 20 Winter test ban
January 26-28 Jerez Spain  
January 31-February 1 Valencia Spain  
March 25-27 Jerez Spain Official IRTA Test
April 6-7 Losail Qatar  


October 28th

MotoGP 2008 Valencia Test Times Day 2 - Hayden Fastest In The Wet

The rain returned to Valencia on Tuesday, and the track saw little action, most riders going home. Only 7 riders hit the track in the afternoon, and as a few days earlier, Nicky Hayden was quickest in the wet.

The times:

1 Nicky Hayden Ducati 1'48.287 20 / 20
2 Andrea Dovizioso Honda 1'48.296 17 / 18
3 Marco Melandri Kawasaki 1'48.786 23 / 26
4 Niccolo Canepa Ducati 1'49.917 24 / 25
5 Mika Kallio Ducati 1'50.275 25 / 26
6 Toni Elias Honda 1'54.057 14 / 16
7 Loris Capirossi Suzuki 1'57.322 6 / 7


October 27th

2008 Valencia MotoGP Race Report - The Party's Over

There are lots of reasons to go to a MotoGP race. If your aim is to see the best riders in the world test their skill, bravery and machines to the limit on a technical track, then you go to Mugello in Italy, or Phillip Island in Australia. If your reason for going is to try and meet the riders, or at least stand a chance of getting as close to them as possible, then you head to Qatar, where the lack of crowds mean the paddock is more relaxed and less stressful, or you visit Laguna Seca, where the AMA's policy of selling paddock tickets means that for part of the weekend, you stand a chance of actually talking to your heroes.

If you're looking for a party, a chance to celebrate the joys of motorcycle racing with like-minded individuals, then you have several options. Mugello combines spectacular scenery with crowd insanity, Assen offers well-organized and efficient celebration, while the extremely low prices of beer, tickets and lodging at Brno make it an excellent choice for bike fans on a budget.

But the two MotoGP rounds which traditionally offer the most frantic partying are the two Spanish races which top and tail the season. The Jerez race, which opens the season in Europe, is sheer bedlam, as hordes of crazed Spanish motorcycle fans unleash a long winter's worth of pent-up frustration in an orgy of wine, wheelies and wanton abandon.

24 Hour Party People

At the other end of the year, the MotoGP season finale at Valencia is almost a mirror image: Vast legions of bike fans gather from all around the world to mark the end of motorcycle racing for another year. Fittingly, they party as if there were no tomorrow, and to an extent, they are right. It will be 5 long months before the MotoGP field lock horns on the track once again, and so the fans amassed at the Circuito Ricardo Tormo do their utmost to squeeze half a year's worth of partying into just three short days. So frenetic is the pace at the Valencia track and in downtown Cheste, the small town nearest to the circuit, that sometimes it can actually feel like quite hard work.

On the first two days of the race weekend, it wasn't so much the frenetic pace which took its toll on Valencia's partygoers as enduring the weather. The torrential and continuous rain turned the campsites and parking areas around the track into a mud bath, and a damp chill seeped its way into the very bones of everyone attending. On Friday and Saturday, the fans had to work a good deal harder at having a good time than they had bargained for.

It wasn't just the fans the rain had had an effect on. The MotoGP paddock, freshly disembarked off a long-haul flight from the sweltering tropics, was stupefied with shock at the change in conditions.  From getting off the bike drenched with sweat and close to heat exhaustion, the riders were now dismounting drenched by the rain, and approaching hypothermia.

It seemed like Nicky Hayden was the only rider to enjoy the conditions, leading all three rain-drenched free practice sessions by a comfortable margin. Valencia would be the Kentucky Kid's last race with Honda, and he clearly had his heart set on leaving with a good result as a thank you to his team. But more than this, he was determined to beat his team mate, after getting drawn into an ugly slanging match with Dani Pedrosa's manager, Alberto Puig.

Things Can Only Get Better

As qualifying started, things started looking up, for both fans and riders. On a mostly dry track, Nicky Hayden was once again quickest, until a very gentle rain returned. Hayden looked like he would end his 9-year stint with Honda with a pole position, but it was not to be. The weather gods had only been jesting when they sent a rain shower to taunt racing fans, and the track continued to dry.

As the qualifying session entered the final 15 minutes, Casey Stoner put on his usual demonstration of high-speed riding, snatching pole from Hayden with a lap the Kentuckian had no answer for. To make matters worse, Hayden's team mate Dani Pedrosa was the only rider capable of getting close, taking 2nd place on the grid by just 5/100ths of a second. Nicky Hayden would have to make do with starting 3rd.

Race results and championship standings

MotoGP 2008 Valencia Test Times Day 1 - Finalized

Times from the first day of testing at Valencia. These will be updated as soon as official times are available. All times were set using the new standard tires provided by Bridgestone, with a choice of either a soft or a hard compound available. For comparison, see the fastest lap each rider set during the race on Sunday.

Times courtesy of and

Times at 5pm, the end of the test:

1Casey StonerDucati1'32.46431 / 54
2Dani PedrosaHonda1'32.67224 / 60
3Valentino RossiYamaha1'32.92120 / 34
4Chris VermeulenSuzuki1'33.14241 / 67
5Loris CapirossiSuzuki1'33.32537 / 75
6Alex de AngelisHonda1'33.37535 / 77
7Jorge LorenzoYamaha1'33.55041 / 44
8Andrea DoviziosoHonda1'33.67538 / 57
9John HopkinsKawasaki1'33.76044 / 74
10Marco MelandriKawasaki1'33.78247 / 75
11Randy de PunietHonda1'33.83239 / 80
12Nicky HaydenDucati1'33.96074 / 79
13Toni EliasHonda1'34.12978 / 81
14Sete GibernauDucati1'34.45121 / 52
15Mika KallioDucati1'34.79357 / 60
16Olivier JacqueKawasaki1'34.92548 / 71
17Niccolo CanepaDucati1'34.99559 / 62
18Yuki TakahashiHonda1'35.20372 / 73
19Gabor TalmacsiAprilia1'38.47255 / 57


Fastest lap of each rider during the race on Sunday:

Pos.No.RiderManufacturerFast LapDiffDiff Previous
11Casey STONERDUCATI1'32.582  
22Dani PEDROSAHONDA1'32.7960.2140.214
346Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA1'33.0750.4930.279
44Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA1'33.3130.7310.238
569Nicky HAYDENHONDA1'33.3930.8110.080
65Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA1'33.3990.8170.006
756Shinya NAKANOHONDA1'33.5500.9680.151
865Loris CAPIROSSISUZUKI1'33.6261.0440.076
915Alex DE ANGELISHONDA1'33.8391.2570.213
1048Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA1'33.8841.3020.045
1121John HOPKINSKAWASAKI1'34.0351.4530.151
1233Marco MELANDRIDUCATI1'34.1171.5350.082
1352James TOSELANDYAMAHA1'34.1501.5680.033
1414Randy DE PUNIETHONDA1'34.2251.6430.075
1550Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI1'34.4621.8800.237
167Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI1'34.5952.0130.133
1724Toni ELIASDUCATI1'34.6342.0520.039
1813Anthony WESTKAWASAKI1'34.7152.1330.081