Editor's Blog: 10 Years Of Uncertainty

Ten years ago today, on the 1st October 2008, I left the safe confines of employment to strike out on my own. went from being something I did in my spare time, to being my main endeavor. It has been quite a ride.

I suppose I could have expected something of a rough ride. I had handed in my notice in August, as the site I started two years previously went from strength to strength, the audience growing monthly. Then, on 15th September 2008, the financial services giant Lehman Brothers collapsed, triggering the global financial crisis and taking the economy of much of the world down with it.

It was too late. I had made my bed, now I had to lie in it. I chose the path of pursuing a dream, of trying to make a living from writing, and writing about motorcycle racing. Giving up immediately after I started might have been the financially more sensible solution, but sensible has never really been my strong suit.

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2018 Magny-Cours World Supersport Superpole Results: Red-Flagged Second Session Only Delays The Inevitable

World Supersport Superpole had twenty riders fighting in Superpole one for two spots in Superpole two. Hannes Soomer and Ayrton Badovini ended Friday in the best place to get promoted to join the ten quickest riders, including the French pair of Jules Cluzel and Lucas Mahias, in Superpole two.

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