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Aleix Espargaró (Aprilia): Frust nach starkem Rennen

Aprilia-Werksfahrer Aleix Espargaró mühte sich mit der RS-GP 20 GP am Sonntag in Aragón durch ein langes MotoGP-Rennen, das ihn am Ende nicht belohnte.
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Pneumatici 4 stagioni economici: si salvi chi può!

Lo specialista tedesco di test KÜS ha messo a confronto 6 marchi economici. Una mezza tragedia che ne sconsiglia l'utilizzo

Brad Binder (KTM): «Wieder ein großer Fehler von mir»

KTM zeigte im Liqui Moly Teruel-GP eine starke Leistung und brachte drei Fahrer in die Top-10. Brad Binder war von Startplatz 15 kommend sehr zuversichtlich, kam im MotoGP-Rennen aber keine zwei Kurven weit.
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Honda CB1000R my2021: un video teaser annuncia la presentazione della naked

L'11 novembre 2020 Honda svelerà la sua nuova naked. Intanto, un teaser mostra pochi cambiamenti di rilievo

Bagnaia (Ducati): «Vielleicht war es mein Fahrstil»

Pramac-Ducati-Ass Francesco «Pecco» Bagnaia ging mit einem Motorproblem auch im zweiten MotoGP-Rennen von Aragón leer aus und zweifelte an einigen Komponenten.
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BAR SPORT, GP TERUEL, Gara - Pernat: "Mir in fuga mentre Morbidelli torna in lotta"

L'11° GP della stagione ha visto la vittoria di Morbidelli e la conferma delle prestazioni dei due piloti Suzuki, Rins e Mir, quest'ultimo saldamente in testa al mondiale. Purtroppo abbiamo assistito alle cadute di Nakagami e di Alex Marquez ed alla disfatta dell'armata Ducati. Come al solito il trio Pernat-Scalera-Aglio racconta e si racconta con il consueto spirito un po' casinaro.

Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup: Race Two Report

RoadRacing World - Sun, 2020-10-25 20:51

Alonso’s first win – Acosta in the dirt – Rookies Aragón 2 Race 2

With a sensational final corner David Alonso snatched victory from Daniel Muñoz and Iván Ortolá in a stunning Race 2 at the Grand Prix of Teruel in Aragón. Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup leader Pedro Acosta was in the 12 man battle for the lead all the way but lucky to stay on two wheels when knocked off track with just over a lap to go.

Acosta crossed the line 10th but was demoted to 21st for cutting out 2 corners on his way back on track. The 16-year-old Spaniard has a 46 points advantage over Alonso after the 14-year-old Colombian’s victory. With 100 points on offer from the remaining 4 races in back to back weekends at Valencia, anything can happen.

Alonso’s first win

“So happy with the race, it was an incredible race and a lot of fun. The start I did much better than yesterday and was so happy with that but then in the first lap I was at the back of the group and a little bit on the limit. I didn’t do such a good job and lost a bit of a gap.”

“Then we could come back and fix it, get right with the lead group. On the last lap it was very difficult for me because I didn’t make a good job of the first corner and many riders overtook me. But then I started to catch back and on the long straight I could pass many and then I did the last corner very well to finish first.”

He has not finished lower than 5th in the first 8 races.

Daniel Muñoz worked for 2nd

“The race was good finally but not the start. Many riders passed me and  I had a lot of work to do. But in the middle of the race I could run in the first group. Then the last lap I prepared well for the last corner and managed to get on the podium.”

Iván Ortolá podiums again 

“Another very good race and really it was like a victory because it was very long, tough group,” explained Saturday’s winner. “It was a very good battle and finally I could make the podium.”

“The bike was again perfect, I didn’t change anything from yesterday because I feel very good on the bike, no problems at all. I am looking forwards to Valencia, I think I can do well but it is a short track with a lot of corners and can be difficult too. I have to do better in Qualifying.”

Daniel Holgado created drama

“It was a very difficult race but I am very happy with my ride,” stated the 15-year-old Spaniard who finished 4th. “The bike was really perfect and I enjoyed it. My only problem was on the second to last lap I had a big highside and kicked the back brake so hard and it didn’t work on the last lap.”

Though Holgado stayed on he had kicked the hydraulic connection and loosened it. His dramatic highside caused a chain reaction that sent Acosta way off track and brought down Billy van Eerde. The 18-year-old Australian’s run of terrible luck continues but he escaped injury.

Izan Guevara kept pushing

“Really happy with the race,” enthused the 16-year-old Spaniard who finished 6th. “A great battle all the way to the last corner. The rear tyre performance dropped off quite early and I struggled with that a bit but kept pushing. Thanks to the guys who helped me so much this weekend.”

Acosta lost his way and the points

“I think I am lucky because I didn’t crash but on the other side I don’t understand what game the other riders are playing, it is a bit too much, bumping on the straight.”

“I tried to break away but I think the others have learnt what they need to do to stay with me and I couldn’t manage it this weekend. The most important thing is that I didn’t crash, I finished the race and got 6 points for the championship,” concluded Acosta after the race before he knew that he had been penalised 30 seconds for missing 2 corners.

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Alex Marquez (Sturz): «Marc sagte, soll happy sein»

Speedweek, German Language MotoGP News - Sun, 2020-10-25 20:36
Nach zwei zweiten Plätzen zeigte Honda-Werksfahrer Alex Marquez auch im Teruel-GP in Aragon eine starke Leistung, stürzte aber auf Platz 4 liegend. «Wenigstens habe ich um einen Podestplatz gekämpft», meinte der Spanier.
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Danilo Petrucci (Ducati/10.): Hoffnung für Valencia

Speedweek, German Language MotoGP News - Sun, 2020-10-25 19:56
«Der Startplatz vor dem Safety Car war nicht der beste», beschrieb Danilo Petrucci seine Ausgangslage für den Teruel-GP in Aragón. Mit dem Endergebnis war der Ducati-Pilot zufrieden, ein Problem aber bleibt.
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MotoAmerica: HONOS Superbike Race Two Results From Laguna

RoadRacing World - Sun, 2020-10-25 18:49

This weekend’s results are brought to you by 6D Helmets.


Next Level Brain Protection

Editorial Note: It rained lightly just prior to the start of MotoAmerica Superbike Race Two. The race was declared wet, and because the class had not yet ridden on a wet track this weekend, MotoAmerica held an extended, 10-minute sighting lap session for riders to assess the conditions. Most riders went out on rain tires for the sighting laps and then changed to slicks on the grid prior to the start of the race.



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Alonso earns first Rookies Cup win

Official News Feed - Sun, 2020-10-25 18:29
14-year-old Colombian takes Race 2 spoils in Teruel ahead of Daniel Muñoz and Ortola

Binder gegen Miller & Daniel gegen Lüthi: Penaltys!

Speedweek, German Language MotoGP News - Sun, 2020-10-25 17:56
Die MotoGP-Stewards haben Brad Binder und Kasma Daniel (Moto2) wegen unverantwortlicher Fahrweise, die zum Sturz eines Gegners führte, für Valencia mit Long-Lap-Penaltys bestraft.
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Morbidelli was "all or nothing" in Teruel GP to stay in MotoGP title race

Autosport MotoGP News - Sun, 2020-10-25 17:55
MotoGP Teruel Grand Prix winner Franco Morbidelli says he had to go "all or nothing" in the second Aragon race to strengthen his championship challenge
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Takaaki Nakagami: 'Incredible pressure, big mistake'

Crash.Net MotoGP News - Sun, 2020-10-25 17:52
Heartbreak for Takaaki Nakagami who falls from the lead on lap one of the Teruel MotoGP at Aragon, ending hopes of a debut podium and perhaps victory.
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