2009 Sachsenring MotoGP Race Result - Thriller Decided By Less Than A Tenth Of A Second

Results of the MotoGP race at the Sachsenring:

2009 250cc World Championship Standings After Round 9, Sachsenring, Germany

Championship standings for round 9, 2009

2009 Sachsenring 250cc Race Result - Lead Held To Line Despite Desperate Chase

Race result and summary of the 250cc German Grand Prix at the Sachsenring:

250cc Race At Sachsenring Red-Flagged For Rain

The 250cc race at the Sachsenring was red-flagged on the 2nd lap, after rain started to fall and Jules Cluzel crashed at the horrifically fast Turn 11 at the top of the hill. Marco Simoncelli had got away and was leading comfortably at the time, but Race Direction considered the conditions too dangerous to allow the riders to continue on slicks.

Rain is still falling, though only very lightly, and the track remains mostly dry. Teams are mounting rain tires, but the sky here is light, and not looking like there will be serious rainfall just yet. The race is scheduled to restart at 12:45, and will be just 19 laps rather than the 29 originally planned.

2009 125cc World Championship Standings After Round 9, Sachsenring, Germany

Championship standings for round 9, 2009

2009 Sachsenring 125cc Race Result - Dominant Victory And Last Lap Podium Drama

Result and race summary for the 125cc German Grand Prix at the Sachsenring:

Sachsenring Sunday Morning Update

After two nights and one day of rain, varying between the torrential and the merely steady, the sun is almost out here at the Sachsenring. Despite the weather, the crowds are swelling, leaving a trail of thick red Saxon mud everywhere they go. The weather forecast is good, for the 125s and 250s at least, but showers are predicted for later in the afternoon. By the look of the radar predictions, the rain could arrive just in time for the start of the MotoGP race.

Valentino Rossi might not be so unhappy if that were to happen, as the Fiat Yamaha man was well off the pace during morning warm up, and not looking particularly happy. The opposite is true for Dani Pedrosa, as the diminutive Spaniard was very fast this morning, but less happy in yesterday's pouring rain. Casey Stoner is happy either way, as he is more worried about his endurance than the track conditions. 

2009 Sachsenring MotoGP Warm Up Result - Pedrosa Decimates The Field

Results for the MotoGP warm up session:

2009 Sachsenring 250cc Warm Up Result - Barbera Edges Wilairot

Results of the 250cc warm up session:

2009 Sachsenring 125cc Warm Up Result - Marquez Leads Redding

The 125 riders started the warm up on a wet track, but it dried out quickly, leaving a dry line. Results of warm up:

2009 Sachsenring MotoGP Qualifying Practice Report

Leaden skies over the Sachsenring

Qualifying at the Sachsenring was a thoroughly wet affair. The track had been soaked all afternoon and rain continuing to fall throughout the session, coming and going in intensity. And so everyone set about finding a wet setup, given the entirely plausible prospect of rain spoiling the race tomorrow. Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi swapped the lead in the early part of the session, the times edging towards the 1'34 marker, but with just 19 minutes of the session gone, Gresini's Alex de Angelis confirmed his strong form at the German track by taking the top spot.

De Angelis soon had another Honda take the lead from him, Randy de Puniet taking provisional pole, but only for the briefest possible time. De Angelis was following de Puniet round the track, and was straight back on pole.

A couple of minutes later, Casey Stoner got involved once again, and after briefly ceding pole to Jorge Lorenzo, the Australian cracked into the 1'33s, taking provisional pole with a lap of 1'33.759. His time would stand until the halfway mark, when Lorenzo started showing an interest once again, the Spaniard putting in a string of fast laps. At first, Lorenzo merely chipped away at the Australian's time, but within a couple of laps Lorenzo was faster, then taking a big chunk out of Stoner with a lap of 1'33.355.

With a quarter of the session left, a couple of remarkable things started to happen. The first was that Valentino Rossi took over pole from his team mate, slicing 5/100ths off Lorenzo's time. The second was that the rain was starting to make the track treacherous, and riders were starting to tumble like flies. 

Anatomy Of A Crash - Mike di Meglio's Crash During 250cc Qualifying Practice

Always wanted to see how a crash happens? Ace shooter Scott Jones was standing in just the right spot when Mike di Meglio went down in front of him, and caught it all on digital film.

Too late to save it on the knee

Bike is going ...

Better let go now ...

2009 Sachsenring 250cc Qualifying Practice Result - Favorites Come Through In Final Minutes

Results and summary of 250cc qualifying practice:

Aspar Team Close To MotoGP Deal With Ducati

Jorge Martinez, boss of the Aspar team, has made no secret of the fact that he wants to add a MotoGP team to his 125cc and 250cc teams. For years now, he has lobbied the manufacturers to provide him with the bikes that would allow him to realize that dream, and at last, he looks close to sealing a deal.

According to the Spanish sports paper Marca, Aspar is within days of securing a deal which will see the team enter MotoGP for the 2010 season. As ever, Martinez remains cagey about which manufacturer will be supplying the bikes, but he estimated his chances as being 80% Ducati, 20% Honda.

The most obvious path for the Aspar team would be to take over the bike left vacant by the departure of Sete Gibernau's GFH team, but that presents Martinez with two problems: The first is that Aspar is keen to field two bikes, which would allow them to gain as much data as possible, a crucual ingredient for success, as they will have a lot to learn in their debut in the premier class.

The second is similarly intractable. Martinez is keen to take his brilliant young Spanish protege Alvaro Bautista into the MotoGP class, but Bautista has previously expressed a reluctance to ride the Ducati, and more importantly, the Spaniard wants a guarantee of a factory ride, which is generally regarded as the key to success. That would make Suzuki his only option for the 2010 season, as Suzuki are the only factory to have an exemption from the so-called rookie rule, which prevents newcomers from going straight to factory teams.

But Aspar may be able to offer Bautista an escape clause. According to Marca, Ducati boss Livio Suppo is keen to sign the young Spaniard, and is offering a move to the factory Ducati squad in 2011, after a year in the Aspar satellite team.

Martinez is expecting to finalize his plans this week, and hopes to make a final announcement at the British Grand Prix at Donington next week.

2009 Sachsenring MotoGP Qualifying Practice Result - Last Ditch Pole Amid Crash-Strewn Session

Results and summary for the MotoGP qualifying practice session:

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